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At Watts, one of our passions is designing spaces that are specially tailored to creating stimulating learning environments for children and youth.  We have an in-depth understanding and appreciation for how to create original and invigorating spaces that meets local, state, and federal building, safety, and educational codes.  We have had proven success at multiple educational projects and have worked on dozens of programming "test-fit" designs for the Buffalo Public Schools and Rochester City School District.  We take a multi-tiered approach to educational programming, the first step of which is to talk to the district representatives and discern the district's position on the direction of its future development, what research has been performed and what the desired outcomes are.  We then look at the building's available resources, layouts, and configurations and align them with the educational mission and goals specific to the program.

Watts' professionals have broad working experience with school districts: from school districts that are very engaged in an educational philosophy and have strong community support for large improvements, to districts that require only modest maintenance work at each of its facilities.  We have experience with districts that take a community-oriented approach to schools and try to address multiple community goals: educational, environmental, economic, social, and fiscal.  Their needs might include: any place, any time learning; flexible buildings; a global focus; green construction strategies; and renovation of aging building stock.  We also have experience with districts with minimal requirements such as safety and security and building maintenance.  Watts' position is to let individual school districts tell us what they want and we help them to get there whether it is a capital needs assessment update and long range facility plan, or a community outreach program to help with the bond referendum process.

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