Projects > Alden-Crittenden Road Bridge over Spring Brook

Alden-Crittenden Road Bridge over Spring Brook

Watts was the prime consultant on this County-funded bridge replacement project for the Erie County Department of Public Works.  Our preliminary design services included oversight of the survey, mapping and subsurface investigation; development and evaluation of various design alternatives; and preparation of the Project Initiation Report, environmental studies, and hydraulic analysis and flood plain evaluation.  Watts prepared the final plans, specifications and estimate for the bridge reconstruction work and obtained the necessary NYSDEC and USA COE permits.

The bridge is located in close proximity to the village center and the Alden Central school grounds.  It spans 32 feet and consists of precast concrete arch units and cast-in-place wingwalls and is supported on a pile foundation.  

Traffic was maintained during construction on an off-site detour, pedestrians & bicyclists were able to cross the creek during construction via a temporary pedestrian bridge.