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BPS District Wide Technology, Phase V Reconstruction

When the Buffalo Public School District outgrew its data center in City Hall, they decided to entirely update their network and Data Center and simultaneously relocate it between two existing schools.
The $14 million District Wide Technology Project consists of two components:  new telephone, security, access control systems and white boards at seven schools under reconstruction; and two new Data Centers that centralizes all of the computing requirements to service 22,000 students, faculty and staff throughout the District.

The data centers are designed to allow the District to employ server virtualization, a new strategy that provides information technology in a highly secure, efficient, and cost effective manner.  The data centers incorporate precision air-conditioning systems to maintain proper temperature and relative humidity so as to protect the network equipment.

New phone systems include new telephone equipment, cabling and outlets in the existing portions and new additions of the seven reconstruction schools.  

DWT design services include the power and data infrastructure needed to support new Interactive Whiteboards at the schools; includes new cameras in stairways, corridors, and other areas to enhance security through the buildings; and new access control systems provide safer building access, as well as entry management and time tracking.

Watts performed complete architectural and MEP design services for both Data Centers and three of the seven reconstruction schools; and project management for the work of other A/E firms at the other four reconstructed schools.

New York State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) approvals were required for the work.