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Buffalo Brownfield Opportunities

Watts is providing 3D imagery in support of a master planning effort intended to identify redevelopment opportunities for vacant, underutilized and brownfield properties that can serve as catalyst for area-wide revitalization in the City of Buffalo.

Watts is providing perspective renderings and bird’s eye views of two specific redevelopment areas: the Elk Street Corridor and the Free Trade Zone project. The Elk Street Corridor Redevelopment Plan originated in 2008. The planning process was completed with extensive input from a 15-member Steering Committee, which identified opportunities and constraints that were relevant to the study area at the time and proposed redevelopment scenarios, ultimately identifying a preferred development scenario based on assessment of the alternatives. This project represents an update to the 2008 plan based on current existing and market conditions as well as current trends in urban planning. The project will develop a master plan that integrates disparate elements of the Free Trade Zone into a cohesive employment district.