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Canalside, Public Canal Environments and Associated Facilities

The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation’s Canalside project created a series of public spaces and facilities as a mixed use waterfront area on the site of the former Buffalo Memorial Auditorium (Aud).   The projects include pedestrian bridges, a special water feature that resembles the original Erie Canal, a refrigerated ice rink for ice skating in winter, and other public spaces.
Structural engineering involved design of deep foundations supporting the new canal water feature structure, electrical vault and three pedestrian bridges. Existing Aud piles were re-used and new H piles and mini piles installed to rock.  Concrete pile caps, grade beams, slabs, and walls created the water feature.  Bridge pile caps, abutment stem walls and wing walls support the pedestrian bridges.

Electrical engineering involved bringing a new service onto the site, a new transformer vault, site lighting along pedestrian surfaces and bridges, power distribution throughout the development and power to the ice making and water feature equipment housed below grade.
The canal ice skating feature has been very popular with the public since it’s opening in 2014.
Watts provided structural and electrical engineering design services and construction support to the project team.