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City of Albany Energy Master Plan

Watts was part of the team designated by the New York Power Authority to develop the City of Albany Energy Master Plan.  Existing conditions in City-owned and operated building were examined and documented.  Proposed overall strategies and specific building measure were developed to improve energy efficiency over short, medium and long term periods of less than five years, five to 10 years and greater than 10 years, respectively.  In the end, the City of Albany was provided with a robust tool to improve the energy efficiency strategy for city government buildings.

Watts’ Energy Master Plan activities focused on improving building efficiency.  As part of the plan development process, Watts performed American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Level 1 building audits.  Based on an analysis of the data collected, Watts suggested individual building/system improvements to support the energy efficiency goals.  Watts also prepared an Energy Star® Portfolio Manager® file to allow for efficient tracking and recordkeeping of the city-owned buildings.