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Evangola State Park, Terrace Retaining Wall Rehabilitation

As prime consultant Watts prepared final plans, specifications, and cost estimates for the rehabilitation of the terrace retaining wall structure at Evangola State Park for the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

 The Lake Erie lookout terrace at Evangola State Park in Erie County, New York was constructed approximately 60 years ago and had experienced extensive surface deterioration.  Concrete spalling, cracking and efflorescent staining had occurred at several locations along the walls front and top surfaces.  The railing mounting areas were also deteriorated and in need of replacement.  In the terrace area contained by the wall, there were four drainage structures that needed to be replaced.  The total wall length is approximately 482' in length and varies in exposed height from 10.5’ to 6”.  

Design services involved the oversight of the survey, mapping and subsurface investigation; development and evaluation of various design alternatives; preparation of the Design Approval Document, and environmental studies.

Unique design elements included localized concrete removal and replacement, cast-in-place concrete repairs, concrete wall encasement and use of an architectural form-liner and coloring (to match the adjacent shall banks).


  • 2014 Project of the Year Award in Construction/Repair Category

    WNY American Public Works Association (APWA) for the Rehabilitation of Evangola State Park Terrace Retaining Wall, Irvin, NY

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