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Kenan Center

Watts provided mechanical engineering services for the Kenan Center, a historically-themed structure located in Lockport, New York.  The existing two story building dates from 1859 with substantial “modernization” in 1913.  The operation of the building includes public spaces maintained in “historical” presentation, and office, operational and support spaces which are less constrained to period presentation.  

Watts reviewed the building and its heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for practical methods to improve HVAC control, provide reliable air conditioning and increase energy performance while maintaining the “historical presentation”.  The resulting HVAC Study established design peak heating and cooling loads for the structure and identified additional areas of related energy savings for the building HVAC System.

Subsequently, Watts provided engineering design and construction management services to establish HVAC systems embodying the aspects of the previously conducted study.  These services included:

  • Coordinating an air leakage assessment
  • Design of a high-efficiency variable refrigerant volume (VRV) HVAC system
  • Preparing performance-based specifications and diagrammatic drawings
  • Providing contractor direction for installation to ensure preservation of historical aspects.