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Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center, Citer Hot Site

The NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH) determined that a Secondary Data Center (the Center) was required to mirror the capabilities of the primary site; provide near instantaneous switchover of computer operations; and must have no single point of failure that may cause disruption of ongoing service and operations.  It also needed to support rapid growth or modification without disruption of services and must operate as a "lights-out" facility, with no staff present.  Additionally, the design must accommodate the growth of the server loading from 15% of the Center's capacity to full capacity over a ten year period.
Watts provided all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and civil engineering and asbestos consulting services for this project.
The design called for a 150 ton "hybrid" precision cooling system combining a traditional Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) underfloor air distribution system and a new liquid refrigerant spot cooler technology.  Underfloor distribution of chilled air via a raised floor plenum provides flexibility in the configuration of the computer room equipment and can deliver air to any location in the room through placement of perforated floor tiles.  The liquid refrigerant spot coolers are mounted on top of the server cabinets, requiring zero floor space.  The spot coolers provide energy efficient spot and zone cooling for high heat density equipment.
In addition to building lighting and fire alarm system, a 1MW power distribution system, a 1MW emergency generator and a redundant UPS were designed.  A sophisticated building management system remotely controlled the system including activation of the redundant systems.


  • 2009 Silver Award of Engineering Excellence

    ACEC of New York for the NYS OMH Secondary Production Site, Utica, NY