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NFTA AW-Fire Alarm & Security System Upgrades

Watts provided a new fire alarm and security system for the Greater Buffalo Niagara International Airport and Transit Police Station.
The new facility-wide addressable fire alarm and detection and security systems cover all six buildings in the complex, including the main terminal, parking garage, fueling farm, security building, and other buildings.  Fire alarm features include additional remote communication for the Transit Fire Department for on scene communication and in the field reports.  Our design includes door monitoring, access control, CCTV cameras, sixteen secondary security control panels, eleven fire alarm control in fire and security vehicles, and mobile card access confirmation readers.
The design included a fiber optic backbone for all systems, including CCTV, security and fire alarm.  The security system is tied into a central NFTA network that groups all locations together and allows for individual security levels as well as group and location restrictions.