Projects > NYPA, Grain Silos Stabilization at 32 Fuhrmann Boulevard

NYPA, Grain Silos Stabilization at 32 Fuhrmann Boulevard

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) acquired the property at 32 Fuhrmann Boulevard in Buffalo, NY to store the Lake Erie “ice boom.”  Some of the structures on the property included abandoned connecting terminal grain silos.

Sections of the roof covering the top of the 1915 and 1954 silos were in a state of disrepair and multiple sections of the roofs had collapsed.  Asbestos-containing roofing debris had fallen into the silos and was also scattered around the base of the silos.  NYPA had to secure and stabilize the roofs by removing the asbestos-containing roofing materials, all loose and structurally unsound sections of the roof and cleaning all debris from the interior sections of the silos.  

Due to the high visibility of the silos and the public interest in the project, Watts worked closely with NYPA to ensure that the work was completed in a safe manner and followed the regulatory requirements.  

Watts prepared the contract documents for the asbestos abatement and lead remediation work required for the project and provided oversight of the asbestos abatement work throughout the portion of the project where asbestos-containing materials were disturbed.