Projects > Reconstruction of Beebe Road from Hopkins Creek to Wilson-Burt Road

Reconstruction of Beebe Road from Hopkins Creek to Wilson-Burt Road

This Niagara County highway project involved full-depth reconstruction, cross culvert replacement, and road-widening to meet modern safety standards along 3.0 miles of Beebe Road.  Watts performed the environmental assessment and detailed studies for the Design Approval Document, including State and federal wetlands delineations, hazardous waste/contaminated materials screening, asbestos survey, and floodplain and farmlands evaluations.  

Extensive wetland and stream impacts were a major consideration of the project.  Safety improvements required a wider pavement section to mitigate roadside hazards presented by deep drainage ditches flanking the narrow roadway.  New ditches with a flatter slope were constructed farther from the road, which required additional ROW strip takings and replacement of all driveway culverts.  One ditch was a channelized stream regulated by the Corps and NYSDEC. Construction was divided into two phases prior to final design and permitting.  

Watts prepared the Wetlands and Waterways Assessment and Delineation Reports (for both the South and North segments and corresponding mitigation sites), handled agency coordination including USF&WS and SHPO, and prepared asbestos specifications.  Scheduling required a winter delineation of the wetland creation sites.  

Watts also conducted a habitat survey of 1.25 miles of regulated waterway that required relocation, negotiated environmental permits including mitigation concepts, and assisted with stream mitigation design and wetland mitigation design for both construction phases.   Watts provided consultation on the wetland creation and monitoring plans for each segment, and negotiated a stream mitigation plan that did not require compensatory mitigation.