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VACM Canadaigua, Renovate Therapeutic Pool Area B3

Watts renovated a 1930's Therapeutic Pool Facility at the VAMC Canandaigua. The original locker room and shower amenities did not provide separate and private areas for the VA's clients and the HVAC system was unable to maintain adequate temperature and humidity levels.
Watts provided design, engineering, construction documents, cost estimates, shop drawing review and construction period services to renovate approximately 6,000 SF of the Building 3 Therapeutic Pool Facility.   The design required renovating the therapeutic pool and adjacent areas to provide new wheelchair accessible men's and women's locker room/restroom facilities, new floor and wall finishes, and lighting fixtures.  
A new HVAC system was required to provide the environmental controls necessary for the pool environment.  The new system includes an AHU ventilation system with heating and cooling capability and a dedicated exhaust system.   The pool filtration and heating system was modernized to provide improved performance and the existing sprinkler system was altered to accommodate the new floor plan.  
All new architectural and MEP systems were designed to meet VA standards and NYS code requirements.  
An asbestos survey and testing was completed, and asbestos abatement design prepared.