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Rochester Schools Modernization Program Phase 3

As part of the $1.2 billion Rochester Schools Modernization Program, the Rochester Joint Schools Construction Board is planning for the third phase of school modernizations. Watts led the planning team responsible for the Phase 3 Strategic Plan that will serve as a roadmap for the next phase of school renovation and reconstruction projects valued at $615 million.

The planning process began with an inventory of 33 of the District’s schools that had not yet undergone modernizations. A facility assessment report card was developed for each facility, clearly rating the building condition in over 50 different categories.

Working with District leadership and stakeholders, a Core Model Program was developed for elementary and secondary programs. This Core Model was then fit into each building in a “Test Fit.” The Test Fits explored what renovations and additions were required to transform the building into a 21st century learning environment, incorporating the Core Model program.

Unique site plans incorporating outdoor space, parking, and building entrances were developed for each site. Cost estimates for each building helped determine which projects were feasible within the State’s funding formulas. Demographic projections for the District were developed for the next 20 years and assisted in identifying which buildings would be selected for renovation or taken offline.