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BNIA, Runway 14/32 Safety Area Improvement

Watts was responsible for the development of a safe and environmentally sound design to demolish an existing remote fuel loading facility, the buried fuel supply pipe, utility services and API oil separator in conjunction with a major airport expansion.
The schematic design phase identified the potential safety and environmental areas of concern in order to develop demolition procedures, specifications and costs.  Methods for purging decontamination and spill containment from fuel-contaminated piping and mechanical equipment were developed.  Disposal methods and costs for contaminated earth, fuel sludge, decontamination liquids, residual fuel and contaminated water were investigated.
The final design incorporated the findings of the schematic phase in methods that protected workers from the potential of fire or explosions and ensured that the environment was not impacted by the demolition.  The final design was found to be most cost effective and reduced the original cost estimate by 25%.
Watts followed through by performing the environmental inspection and monitoring during construction.