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Buffalo State, Academic Quad/Bulger Plaza Renovations

Watts was the prime consultant for design and construction administration for the 2009 renovation of the Academic Quad and Bulger Plaza at Buffalo State.

The Quad and Plaza, located at the heart of the Campus, is one of the most active areas on Campus owing to its position in the midst of the Campbell Student Union, Butler Library, Cleveland Administration Building, and Bulger Communications Center.   The Quad is programmed for a myriad of events and activities and, as such, is considered to be the most significant outdoor space on campus.

The project included extensive investigations of the utility systems and geotechnical considerations.  The utility system investigations included closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection of the deep sanitary and storm sewers under the plaza, geophysical survey and vacuum excavation of test holes for a sub-surface utility engineering (SUE) survey, and hydrant flow tests.  Utility replacement included complete sanitary sewers, storm drainage collection & treatment, waterlines, power and communications duct banks, gas lines, and irrigation lines to renew the campus infrastructure.  A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and sand filter stormwater management practice was implemented to improve the water quality of the storm discharge into Scajaquada Creek.
The project included expanded landscaping into new granite curb planters and concrete seat wall planters, an exterior dining courtyard adjoining the Campbell Student Union restaurant, exposed aggregate concrete pavement, interlocking pavers, site lighting, flag poles, event tent tie downs, and fixed benches.  New ADA compliant ramps and railings, stairs, and a loading dock at Campbell Hall were also constructed.
Watts provided a full time NICET IV site representative for two construction seasons.  Watts managed the construction contract for the SUCF in a responsive and pro-active manner resulting in a successful project for the Campus.


  • 2012 Platinum Award of Engineering Excellence

    ACEC of New York for the Academic Quad, Bulger Plaza Renovation, Buffalo State College, Founders Plaza Renovations, Buffalo, NY