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SUNY Oneonta, Rehabilitate Physical Science Building

The State University Construction Fund is renovating the Physical Science Building.  A minor portion of the existing building was demolished, and a new two story addition is being constructed to provide classroom and laboratory space.
Watts performed the pre-renovation surveys for asbestos-containing materials lead-based paint hazardous waste/ contaminated materials) and polychlorinated biphenyls.  In addition, Watts performed investigations and testing related to the various hazardous materials associated with the laboratories.  Watts also prepared the environmental design to remove all hazardous materials before renovation and demolition operations.
Watts was responsible for all utility design outside the building including storm sewers, sanitary sewers, domestic water service, fire protection, gas service and a stormwater management facility.  Watts also provided the site design and layout which included a new addition that required changing the grading patterns, installing new sidewalks and new landscaping and provided temporary erosion measures to control stormwater runoff during construction.
A new stormwater management facility was designed by Watts in accordance with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the location of the facility was selected to maximize useable green space as well as collect stormwater from disturbed areas.
Watts is currently providing construction administration services including responding to requests for information, reviewing project submittals and assuring conformance to the NYS DEC Permit.